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Prize Pursuit

NEW! Prize Pursuit Game

Are you ready for attendees to pursue you for a chance to win prizes? Sign up to be one of the participating partners and your booth will become an incentivized stop for attendees to visit. Attendees will need to visit the participating partners to retrieve and enter their unique mobile app code.  Winners will be announced during afternoon General Sessions, Tuesday-Thursday and must be present to win.
*Only Customer Attendees are eligible to win prizes (Partners, Siemens PLM Software Employees and Interns are not eligible)

  1. Free for Partners to participate
  2. Sign up before May 1 using the form below
  3. Raffle prize must be provided to participate. Prize description required with application.
    1. Prize must be worth $200-300
    2. No “discounts on services” or another offer that requires an attendee to use partner’s service/product
    3. Prize must be available for winners to pick-up at the event. No IOUs will be permitted.
  4. PLM World will provide each participating partner with their unique code that attendees will need to retrieve from your booth
    1. This is the attendee’s ticket to unlocking your booth from the raffle list on the mobile app
  5. Prize raffles will be held Tuesday/Wednesday during Customer Keynote afternoon sessions
    1. Winners will receive a certificate with the prize description and donating partner.
    2. Winner will need to visit Partner booth prior to Thursday at 2 pm to claim their prize.
    3. Winners will be randomly drawn from a pool of attendees who have participated. Each unique booth visit gets an attendee one entry. 
    4. Grand Prizes (sponsored by PLM World) will be held Thursday at the closing general session. Winners must visit all booths to be entered in Grand Prize Drawing, and will be randomly drawn.

Questions? Contact Cortney MacWherter,