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Passports and Visas

The following information should help assist you in your travel planning to the Siemens PLM Connection Americas Users Conference. If you are an international visitor, please be reminded that the United States government has instituted new, tighter visa requirements for non-immigrant applicants. This may lengthen the time it takes to process your visa application.  Please plan on booking your visa appointment at your local US Consulate at least 3 months prior to the conference to ensure you receive an appointment.

It is a requirement by the United States of America (USA) that in order to enter the country under the visa waiver program that all new passports issued after October 26, 2005 must be machine readable and contain biometrics. If you have a passport that was issued before October 26, 2005 and is still valid you do not need to worry about the visa waiver program.

For more information on the visa waiver program:

There are a number of items required of all visa applicants, including the following:

  • Payment of a nonrefundable application fee of $100
  • Form DS-156, completed and signed. Blank forms are available free of charge at all U.S. consular offices, online at, or by autofax at +1 (202)-647-3000.
  • Valid passport for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond the applicant’s intended period of stay in the United States. If more than one person is included in the passport, each person desiring a visa must make an application.
  • Two photographs, two inches square (37×37 mm) for each applicant, showing full face, without head covering, against a light background.
  • Support materials indicating the purpose of the visit, that the applicant plans to remain in the United States only for a specific, limited period of time, and that they have a residence outside the United States as well as family, business interests or investments that will insure their return to their country of origin at the conclusion of the visit.

Visa Application Tips

  • Apply EARLY! New screening processes are in place at all U.S. Embassies that could delay your application processing time. We suggest you begin the visa application as soon as possible. To determine typical wait times to secure an interview, contact the Consular Section of your local Embassy.
  • Present proof that you have strong ties to your country of residence.  Proof of employment or business ownership are good examples of strong ties.
  • If possible, show proof that you have traveled internationally before and have returned within the time restrictions of your visa.
  • Present a letter of invitation to the Consular Officer during the visa interview. The letter of invitation, though not required for the visa application, can assist as a supporting document.

Letter of Invitation for Visas

The visa letter of invitation, though not required for the visa application, can assist as a supporting document. Present your letter of invitation to the Consular Officer during your visa interview. Please provide complete and accurate information when requesting your letter of invitation to help expedite the process.

In order to receive a Letter of Invitation you must already be registered for the conference and the registration must be paid in full

Request a letter of invitation for the Siemens PLM Connection - Americas' Conference.  If you have any questions contact PLM World Registration.

The following are sites that can provide information on Visas:

US-VISIT Program

US-VISIT applies to all visitors holding non-immigrant visas, regardless of country or origin. Visitors are photographed and fingerprinted upon arrival. The quick and efficient processes take a few seconds in most cases. Goals of the program are to enhance the security of citizens and visitors and facilitate legitimate travel and trade. Download the brochure (PDF) about the program.