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Tips of the Trade

You're Presenting at Siemens PLM Connection. . . Now what?

You could wait until the last minute to pull together a presentation just before you leave for Phoenix OR you can check this page over the next couple of months for real life, usable tips and techniques to kill that death by powerpoint once and for all.



Tonal Engagement:
How to lead and captivate your attendees during a roundtable session

Join us for a webinar on May 01, 2018 at 12:00 PM EDT.

Learn how to best facilitate your roundtable session(s) and help your attendees engage with one another, share common issues, and have an open dialogue in a guided setting.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Pitch Perfect:
How to deliver a successful presentation, in tune with your audience’s expectations

Wendy Holiday, Executive Director, PLM World

Discover how to present material in brain friendly ways and increase your session attendee’s learning and retention. Learn how to design your presentation that aligns with how the brain naturally learns, lessen the amount of content you must prepare and be seen as the best presenter at the event!


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  • Learn the right mix of content and peer discussion
  • Identify four actions a speaker can do to be successful

Presenter Training with Sarah Michel

Sarah Michel, Vice President of Professional Connexity for Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

Discover how to transition your presentation from expert-centered to a participant-centered model. When content is presented in brain-friendly ways, listeners become participants, increase their retention and can result in improved business outcomes. Learn how to design your presentation that aligns with how the brain naturally learns and hits a home run with your audience every time. Discover why telling doesn’t equal learning. Nor does covering content mean content is learned. Thinking, doing and participating reign!

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Get Your Presentation Selected
Gain Confidence & Tackle Pressures of Presenting

Wendy Holiday, Executive Director, PLM World

Are you trying to figure out how to tackle complicated technical content and still deliver an engaging and memorable presentation? How can you engage attendees in a session to increase the peer-to-peer learning? What will make your presentation submission stand out to the selection committee?  What techniques can you use to minimize your stress and maximize your confidence as a speaker? We hope that we can answer some of your pending questions and more in this webinar.

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The more familiar you are with your material the more you will be able to inspire your audience's trust and confidence.



Different postures create different moods. You must be confident that the audience wants to listen and that you have something interesting to tell them.



Making contact helps to maintain an audience's interest and encourages them to believe that you are genuinely interested in talking to them.

Add Value for the Audience

This year presentations are 20, 45 or 90 minutes long. Think about the best way to communicate your message in that time frame:

  • Live Demonstrations
  • AVI’s showing the subject matter being executed 
  • Incorporate questions into your presentation to encourage audience participation
  • Have a formal Q&A  
  • Incorporate Live Polling (Download the PDF)
  • Present a scenario related to your topic and ask the audience how they might resolve the situation*
  • Begin with the end in mind. Create your closing summary slide first and then build your PowerPoint to drive towards those crisp conclusions.
  • Apply the 70% rule! Only create enough content to fill 70% of the time you’ve been given. You will never finish early and will find your pace to be less rushed, while you focus more effort on how you’re delivering your message – not just the message itself.
  • Time your presentation so you finish ten minutes early. Most presenters cram 45 minutes of content into a 45‐minute block of time and it never fits. Instead, take the pressure off and plan to finish a few minutes early. Give that time back to your audience knowing they will remember you because you were the only presenter in recent memory who let them out early or offer up a few moments for Q&A with a relaxed summarization and close.

Presentation Files

Please note that graphics may appear to run off slides, but will display correctly in presentation mode.

  • Please note the ratio size is 16:9.  All speakers are asked to use the Siemens PLM Connection – Americas 2018 conference PowerPoint Template when building their presentation.
  • View the Guidelines for Technical Presentations.
  • Electronic copies of your presentation for the proceedings, in MS PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF or HTML formats, must be submitted no later than May 7, 2018, to PLM World in order to receive your conference badge on-site.  To upload your presentation, please complete the following steps: 
    To upload your presentation:
    • Log into PLM World
    • Go to your Profile page
    • Select the My Presentations tab at the right of the page
    • Then select the presentation title you would like to edit
    • A window will open with an option to “Edit Files” on the top left
    • Once you have clicked Edit Files you will see an “Add” button located in the File(s) field.
    • Select the “add” button to add your presentation file. Browse your computer for the correct file and then open.
    • Once opened you will see the file upload to the database, press OK and it will be saved with your presentation.
    • To return back to your full list of presentations, go back to your Profile page.

Note: The final presentation as submitted will be reviewed by the Agenda Committee prior to the conference. PLM World reserves the right to decline and cancel any scheduled presentation if a copy of the final presentation is not submitted by the due date or if the presentation violates any of the PLM World policies.

Download Presentation Template