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Let your audience easily participate in the presentation through their smartphone. 

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Interested in adding polling as a part of your session? Follow these steps:

Fill out the sign-up form on this page.
Review the tutorials below and look-out for the email from us with the links needed to implement the poll into your session presentation. (PLM World will add the poll questions to the system, you will need the links to utilize the poll in your presentation)
Use the directions emailed to you by PLM World for your specific session polls and build it into your presentation. Directions for both Presentation Mode and PowerPoint/Keynote Integration will be avialable.
Relax and enjoy presenting and interacting with your audience.

Polling Tutorials

How Polling Works

Poll your audience on a question or topic and see the results graphically, in real time.


What is Presentation Mode?

Presentation Mode makes it easy to conduct polling with just your browser. PowerPoint is not needed or used. This can be especially useful for situations where your presenters don't send in their presentations ahead of time and thus there's no time to prepare PowerPoint files with embedded poll slides. With Presentation Mode, you'll use a browser to unlock polls and display poll results. Typically, you would use Presentation Mode on the computer that is connected to the projector.


How to Embed Polls into PowerPoint

See how to embed live polling results into Windows PowerPoint with Conferences i/o.


Live Polling from within PowerPoint

For speakers and presenters, this is a demonstration of running your slides in PowerPoint with live polling results embedded in your presentation.


Social Q&A Tutorials

How Social Q&A Works

Audience members ask and vote for questions in real time, right from their mobile device. So when it's time for Q&A, the moderator will know all of the questions the audience has, and which are most important to address.


Moderating Q&A (non-presenter)

This video is intended for the separate moderators in a room to help presenters who will be using Social Q&A in their session.


View the Training Guide for Moderators (ppt)

Moderating Q&A
When You Are a Solo Presenter

This video is intended for speakers / presenters who will be using Social Q&A in their session, but don't have a separate moderator in the room to help.